Why Minecraft is not on Steam? We know the answer!

Admittedly, many of you gave yourself when the question from the title. Why? After all, Steam is the most popular platform for the digital distribution of games in the world! This will help Minecraft get even more popular! Only the case on the part of the Mojang does not seem so bright.

What’s wrong?

Convenience for Mojang

Minecraft entrance to the platform from Valve, it would just be uncomfortable and will have a few restrictions. One of the services that developers have with their platform is the absence of a tax that imposes Steam. In short, the developer showing the game for, say, 50 rubles should be given 15 to wallet uncle, Gabe. Through this course of things, some creators raise the price of their product, which in the case of our game in the pads could end tragically. By the standards of power, it does not belong to cheap and, also, pages like g2a keys go in very reasonable price. Even scary to think about what would happen if instead of 100 rubles have to pay them to 120.

Intuitive buy

Another problem is the age of the players. As you know, Minecraft plays a lot of children, and how do these young players get a Minecraft Account? They get them from their parents under the tree or on their birthday. In this case, an adult who wants to please his, but cuter is included on the page minecrft.net and sees a colourful, friendly site with a large banner to be carried over a potential customer to a page where he can make a purchase. Everything is simple, transparent and colourful.

Now let’s think about what it would look like if Minecraft is on Steam. To bear out to the site minecraft.net click the banner to make a purchase .iii… from a beautiful coloured page, it moves to a dark granite strange page. The adult, however, does not pay attention to this and clicks the “add to cart” button, after which you will be prompted to log in to your account or create it. After creating an account, the client breathes a sigh of relief, adds the goods to the cart, go to the payment, pays after which the game is successfully tied to its library.

But how to play it now? The parent, after some time, searching the Internet, he learns that you need to download a program that will allow the purchased product to run. The whole situation begins to slowly irritate unrecognized in the games dad who wants to make a child a gift. After downloading the Steam installer, suddenly it turns out that to run the platform, you need to wait for the program update. The level of terror reached its Zenith and wishing to surprise your child, the parent turns into anty fan product and recommends buying games to your friends whose children also dream of countless adventures in a square world.

Contrary to popular belief, the above situation could take place more than once, and a few thousand of these people could affect the understatement of sales of the game.

Relations between companies

In the end, I left the icing on the cake. Microsoft’s approach to Valve. As we know, these two companies do not go hand in hand, which confirmed the fact that the remaster of the classic game RTS Age of Empires only hit the Windows store platform. This state of affairs, of course, will not change quickly, which eliminates the possibility of the release of Minecraft on Steam.

Do you want Minecraft to come on Steam? Or maybe you are common opponents of this option? Invite to debate on this subject in comments, and I with you already say goodbye, until next articles, bye!