We know how Minecraft Earth looks like

Still didn’t fully know what Minecraft planet Earth was going to be – aside from being a game that uses augmented Reality, of course. The new gameplay showed, finally, some detail, and showed a joint construction outdoors.

As it turned out, the basis of the gameplay will not be the mode of construction in the AR, and the species comes from Pokemon. There we will see our character standing in a designed world based on our location. So we see the characteristic streets of our city, and every time we move in real time, our character will also move.

“Tapables” (i.e., the objects with which we can interact) include animals, rocks, or perhaps mail. All power land in our inventory – thus, get the blocks needed to build buildings, but also get new levels of experience. And here begins the next stage of the game-the joint construction with others. Such a physical object, in the mini-version we can put on any flat surface. In AR mode, we see how other players build, and on the object “things” happen naturally, without any pause. Removing the rock blocking the water will lead to a waterfall and the set fire to animals will run all over the area.

Very exciting looks, but the gameplay after the construction process. Such a building we put in a certain place in the version 1: 1 and inspect it around and from the inside. Admittedly, if things actually turn out the way they did on the above material, then we’ll be dealing with probably the best use of AR technology in games so far.

You can also save for beta testing. They should start on vacation.