Minecraft with ray tracing!

minecraft ray tracing

The presentation originally attended the Australian video game fair PAX Aus. Now everyone interested in the official tracking of rays in the Minecraft can see with their own eyes the video.

Just ray tracing to add simple graphics of unmatched class gameplay recording lasts more than 14 and a half minutes. The important thing is that the process does not immediately switch the rendering between classic, but based on ray tracing. In addition, the best quality of new textures is used. Thanks to this, you can directly compare the changes that occur in the graphics card case with the addition of this technology.

The claim that playing with objects made of simple blocks looks very good may be laughable, but ray tracing actually does the job. The chasm can be seen especially after a long time looking at scenes created with ray tracking when suddenly the feature turns off.

Unfortunately, it is not known when exactly ray tracing will arrive in Minecraft. Of course there are questions that We will need the GeForce RTX family cards and the fact that the technology will be used globally and not just for a very limited number of items.