Minecraft Pocket Edition: 9 tips on how to handle Survival

In Survival mode, it’s hardest to survive the first night of your Minecraft adventure. However, later it is downhill. In this article we will show you some interesting tricks on how to do it.

If you like the Minecraft original, then the Pocket Edition version for Android and iOS will definitely also appeal to you. This version of the game allows you to fully enjoy Minecraft and discover its secrets.

We want to give you some tips today to make the game Minecraft Pocket Edition even more enjoyable and to let it become a real expert over time. These are tips for Survival mode, which is much more difficult than the basic one, including various monsters, special challenges and imposed restrictions

Collect basic materials

The first thing we should do when starting the game in Survival mode is to collect all the materials we can. Therefore, we start cutting down trees and collecting wood, which will be the first element we will use to build important elements of our world.

Build your table and create basic tools

The wood collected at the beginning allows you to create a workbench that you can use to build basic tools. Thanks to them, you will be able to use more complex structures. Having a pickaxe, it will be easier to get stone, which is one of the most versatile building materials in the entire Minecraft.

A stone building with more advanced elements

Now that you have better building material than just wood, it’s worth using it. We recommend making an oven, an ax, a shovel and a sword. With these tools, it will be much easier for us to acquire and build something new, and it will also become much less expensive than before.

Build a hiding place for the first days

Minecraft days pass very quickly. On the first day, using basic tools, you will not have enough time to build a decent house in which to shelter.

However, this is not a big problem, because on the first day you can quickly create a suitable hideout in which no monsters will attack us after dark.

To do this, all you have to do is dig a burrow 10 blocks deep in the ground. Monsters, if they are not in close proximity and see the light, they will certainly not find us and we will survive the first night in the game without problems.

However, you need to make sure that you have built your hideout so that it will be easy for you to get out of it when the day comes. It would be a shame to survive the onslaught of monsters and die trapped in a cave.

Build the house of your dreams

Now that you’ve survived your first night in Minecraft, you’ll have much more time to devote to building a house. Remember that you do not have to rush it too much, because the method with a cave in the ground is always an option. It is worth ensuring that the house is completely safe, and then it will last a long time. So do not make a simple cottage, but a massive and durable building, e.g. made of stone.

Find more sophisticated resources

After creating a decent home, the time will come to look for the rest of the resources. This time, they will be more valuable raw materials, such as metal and diamonds. With them you can create real miracles in Minecraft.

Know your enemies

There are many options in the game to avoid the threat of monsters. If possible, better avoid meeting them. One day, unfortunately, it will be inevitable, so it’s worth getting to know the different types of creatures you may encounter during the adventure.

Skeletons – they have bows with unlimited arrows. To defeat them, you must attack them with the sword.

Creepers – when you approach them, they explode after 1.5 seconds, so it’s better to stay away from them. To defeat them, it’s best to shoot the bow from a greater distance.

Zombies – they are quite slow and deal damage only when in contact. Like the Skeletons, they die after the blows of the sword.

Spiders – watch out for them, because they can hide between blocks and attack by surprise. They attack only at night, and during the day completely ignore our hero. They can be shot with a bow, although they are hard to hit.

Use Creative mode for exercise

Minecraft Pocket Edition in addition to Survival mode also has a Creative mode. It is a game in which you can build calmly, slowly and unlimited materials so as to learn and see what you can and how to create. Monsters do not attack us in this mode, so we can focus only on construction.

So if you want to explore the world of Minecraft, Creative will definitely make your game easier. Here you can test all your ideas and check in practice the game mechanics, which will be useful in Survival mode.

Use of seeds to increase fun

Seeds are a kind of codes that can be entered to generate various types of sites. Let’s test several such codes to find the right effects, such as, for example, a land made mainly of snow or creating a flying island.