Minecraft Earth – full version for Android debuts in the first cities

A month and a half after the debut on iOS devices, Minecraft Earth, he also stopped on smartphones with the Android operating system. Over the next few days, an early version of the game will start appearing to all users who have registered previously to test this AR title. The game also included a premium currency.

Microsoft is gradually developing the previous version of Minecraft earth. Not so long ago, the game waited for the update introduces new pokemon, new features and adventures, but this title can still play a relatively small group of people. Recall, in June, the game entered the stage of closed testing on iOS devices, and this application is only in five cities: in Seattle, London, Stockholm, Toki and Mexico city, and the following days, the fun will also join the owners of Android devices.

Unfortunately, also, in this case, we are talking about an early version of the game, familiar to some people who have registered for testing and is available only in the five above cities. So it’s hard to say when other countries will join the fun, but at least we already have an early debut of this production on Android. Perhaps because of this work on rollout games on the following platforms to accelerate significantly? Look. Here you can check our Minecraft Earth Hack.

In addition to the early release on Android, the game also appeared “rubies”, that is, the traditional premium currency that you can buy in the game store, and that we will also receive in the course of the same game. For rubies, we obtain the so-called build plates, that is, the sites on which we can build our virtual design.