Minecraft Earth Beta news – They added new locations!

First, we need to show you something about Minecraft Earth… the official video of beta!

In the current early access build, players can lay the foundations and create interactive Minecraft dioramas. They can also find hidden events, resources, and mobs, build and smelt materials, collaborate with other builders, and engage in adventures and battle mobs. In a moment of peace can just sit with your phone in your hands and admire — that’s all the magic of the game Minecraft.

Early access is still quite limited and includes only New Zealand and Iceland. The developers promise to add new regions in the near future, as reported on Twitter. For fans from many regions, Microsoft will also prepare demonstrations to learn Minecraft Earth without even having a suitable phone. They will be laid out at Microsoft Store locations in the US, Canada, Australia (Sydney) and the UK (London), although dates for these events have not yet been given.

Minecraft planet Earth is expected to be globally available by the end of this year. The game will work in all languages in which “vanilla” Minecraft is issued. In order to play this new variation, you will need a phone with at least Android 7 or iOS 10, as well as a Microsoft/Xbox Live account.

Source of the news: https://mspoweruser.com/minecraft-earth-early-access-new-zealand-iceland/