How to teleport in Minecraft?

Why waste time and overcome a piece of the world when you can be in the right place at any time? We show you how to teleport in Minecraft!

The popular game Minecraft offers the ability to teleport characters to any place on the map-provided that previously it has already been. That’s good news. Worse – it looks a bit different on each platform, so if you play differently, you need to learn all three ways. And why three? Because it looks different on PC, different on consoles, and the mobile edition has it in its own way. Therefore, we divide the manual into three sections, each dedicated to a different platform.

Minecraft on PC: how to teleport?

  • Start the Minecraft on PC
  • Create or download the world you want to play in
  • Visit the place you later teleport to
  • While in it, press ” F3 ” (for Mac Alt + Fn + F3)
  • In the upper left corner you will see information, including the coordinates of this place: XYZ-  write them
  • down on a piece of paper

  • If you want to return to this location while playing, open the console by pressing /
  • Enter the teleport command name x Y C, replacing the character name; you can enter @p instead of the name, x-East / West, y-vertical position, C-North / South; they correspond to the previously displayed coordinates
  • The command entered should look even more like this: teleport @p 153 66 684 – no need to write full coordinates, for example, 138,088 66,00 684,212
  • Interestingly, it is possible to teleport another player in the game – then you have to enter his name instead of the name of your character or @p and his name.

final screen of teleporting in minecraft

Minecraft on console: how to teleport?

Before we tell you how to teleport to Minecraft on the console, it is necessary to note some limitations: teleportation will work only when the master of the world multiplayer and you can teleport only to the location of another player. The method described below will work on the PS4 versions of Minecraft, Xbox One versions of Minecraft, and Nintendo Switch versions of Minecraft.

  • Run Minecraft
  • Select the game (Play Game) and the world you want to load – but do not charge it yet
  • Go to the games section and select Host Privileges
  • Select download game and click OK in the window alerted to the lack of achievements and rating updates while playing with rights
  • When the world loads, press the button on the controller to enter the settings menu
  • Select Host Options and then Teleport to Player.
  • A list of all players who are currently in this world will appear
  • Select the player you want to teleport to and confirm your selection

Minecraft Pocket Edition: how to teleport?

True, the lack of a physical keyboard on mobile devices can make entering coordinates be tedious, but there is no other way out.

  • Open Minecraft and load the world you want to play In
  • After downloading the world enable pause by clicking on the icon in the upper-right corner click (even if not visible, will work)
  • Go to settings and enable cheats
  • Close the menu and return to the game
  • Tap the chat icon at the top of the screen
  • To get the coordinates of the place, press your finger in the text input area and type / tp name ~ ~ ~ where of course much more “name” on the name managed form
  • Save the coordinates
  • Forth, as and in the PC version of – if you want teleport in right place, trigger again window entry text and enter /tp name of X Y Z, replacing name of name of individual, and X Y Z
  • Press enter – done, the character will be in the place specified

And that’s it! This is a tutorial about how to teleport in Minecraft on PC, Consoles and Mobile. If you are looking for more tricks, you can check these Minecraft Pocket Edition tips or if you want to know news about Minecraft Earth you can go here. If you are interested, we got information about Minecraft Earth Beta too!