How to make a map for Minecraft?

Hello, readers! Have you ever wondered how it is to create additional maps for the Minecraft game? To this and other questions will be answered by one of the active forum user, the cartographer, the person who has to his credit M. in the magnificent “Deep in the Dungeon” – MrKisiel.

C: I’m glad you agreed to the interview. Since when do you make maps?

M: The first attempts I made somewhere like this, in 2012, the first card that lasted longer than 15 minutes I made in 2014, as far as I remember.

C: Where did you get the idea to make the first map? Are you inspired by some other cause?

M: I then played a few cards, watched a lot on Youtube and finally discovered, Hey, why not try to do it yourself.”

C: how many cards have you roughly created in your career?

M: I can’t specify the exact number, because I just don’t remember. Public 4, such that later hid because I was devastated by their quality were 2, and before. I don’t know, in 2012-2013 I started making a lot of maps, and almost none ever ended. The ones I finished were gone forever, along with the old computer on the handle where I made them. I can safely assume that from the very beginning, there were more than 15 of them.

C: That’s a big number: smile: what drives you when choosing maps to publish? How did you decide “Aha, this card is weak”?

A: I Never hesitated to publish a card that maximum that cleaned it up after a while. When a person creates something new focuses more on how better from the previous one than on the objective quality, so when I finish the map and want to publish it, I think it’s good. This opinion usually changes over time.

C: in this case, how do you feel about criticism? Are you worried about her?

M: Any time I hear how he perceives, it depends on what it is. Yes, indeed, I have not received, but the real” criticism. The last thing I missed was a comment under Deep in Dungeon where someone listed some bugs I missed (I once fixed them, word). Most criticism, which receives, as a rule, the replacement or repair of things that could be done differently, and the face krytykującej , better”. Reminded me of an interesting story, when the man that nick will not give up, she tried to say that the use of sheep as a label will be lagowało. It is not that they are removed as soon as they cease to be necessary, but you must remake the whole mechanism as I say, because Yes. Such people usually just leave.

C: what do you think is the most difficult part of creating a map?

A: This is the moment when it turns out that something cannot be done the way it was originally intended, and it is necessary to combine or completely change the concept.

C: All Right. Well, one of the last questions. Are you currently working on some new map?

M: In my spare time starches a map of the MOB, and I am gathering ideas for a sequel to Deep in the Dungeon.

C: sounds interesting: smile: well and the last that in any interview can’t be absent. Enter the formulas of reduced multiplication. Do you have any tips for beginner cardmakers?

M: Find the button-it’s not the map, the tunnels dark as the colon with a jumpscare at every turn, it’s not a horror quiz on the block or (Oh the horror) Polish YouTubers it’s not a puzzle and attempts to copy something don’t add anything from yourself to improve the formula, it’s laziness.

C: Thank you for your advice and time. The interview will be published soon