How to teleport in Minecraft?

Why waste time and overcome a piece of the world when you can be in the right place at any time? We show you how to teleport in Minecraft!

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The popular game Minecraft offers the ability to teleport characters to any place on the map-provided that previously it has already been. That’s good news. Worse – it looks a bit different on each platform, so if you play differently, you need to learn all three ways. And why three? Because it looks different on PC, different on consoles, and the mobile edition has it in its own way. Therefore, we divide the manual into three sections, each dedicated to a different platform.

Minecraft on PC: how to teleport?

  • Start the Minecraft on PC
  • Create or download the world you want to play in
  • Visit the place you later teleport to
  • While in it, press ” F3 ” (for Mac Alt + Fn + F3)
  • In the upper left corner you will see information, including the coordinates of this place: XYZ-  write them
  • down on a piece of paper

  • If you want to return to this location while playing, open the console by pressing /
  • Enter the teleport command name x Y C, replacing the character name; you can enter @p instead of the name, x-East / West, y-vertical position, C-North / South; they correspond to the previously displayed coordinates
  • The command entered should look even more like this: teleport @p 153 66 684 – no need to write full coordinates, for example, 138,088 66,00 684,212
  • Interestingly, it is possible to teleport another player in the game – then you have to enter his name instead of the name of your character or @p and his name.

final screen of teleporting in minecraft

Minecraft on console: how to teleport?

Before we tell you how to teleport to Minecraft on the console, it is necessary to note some limitations: teleportation will work only when the master of the world multiplayer and you can teleport only to the location of another player. The method described below will work on the PS4 versions of Minecraft, Xbox One versions of Minecraft, and Nintendo Switch versions of Minecraft.

  • Run Minecraft
  • Select the game (Play Game) and the world you want to load – but do not charge it yet
  • Go to the games section and select Host Privileges
  • Select download game and click OK in the window alerted to the lack of achievements and rating updates while playing with rights
  • When the world loads, press the button on the controller to enter the settings menu
  • Select Host Options and then Teleport to Player.
  • A list of all players who are currently in this world will appear
  • Select the player you want to teleport to and confirm your selection

Minecraft Pocket Edition: how to teleport?

True, the lack of a physical keyboard on mobile devices can make entering coordinates be tedious, but there is no other way out.

  • Open Minecraft and load the world you want to play In
  • After downloading the world enable pause by clicking on the icon in the upper-right corner click (even if not visible, will work)
  • Go to settings and enable cheats
  • Close the menu and return to the game
  • Tap the chat icon at the top of the screen
  • To get the coordinates of the place, press your finger in the text input area and type / tp name ~ ~ ~ where of course much more “name” on the name managed form
  • Save the coordinates
  • Forth, as and in the PC version of – if you want teleport in right place, trigger again window entry text and enter /tp name of X Y Z, replacing name of name of individual, and X Y Z
  • Press enter – done, the character will be in the place specified

And that’s it! This is a tutorial about how to teleport in Minecraft on PC, Consoles and Mobile. If you are looking for more tricks, you can check these Minecraft Pocket Edition tips or if you want to know news about Minecraft Earth you can go here. If you are interested, we got information about Minecraft Earth Beta too!

Minecraft with ray tracing!

minecraft ray tracing

The presentation originally attended the Australian video game fair PAX Aus. Now everyone interested in the official tracking of rays in the Minecraft can see with their own eyes the video.

Just ray tracing to add simple graphics of unmatched class gameplay recording lasts more than 14 and a half minutes. The important thing is that the process does not immediately switch the rendering between classic, but based on ray tracing. In addition, the best quality of new textures is used. Thanks to this, you can directly compare the changes that occur in the graphics card case with the addition of this technology.

The claim that playing with objects made of simple blocks looks very good may be laughable, but ray tracing actually does the job. The chasm can be seen especially after a long time looking at scenes created with ray tracking when suddenly the feature turns off.

Unfortunately, it is not known when exactly ray tracing will arrive in Minecraft. Of course there are questions that We will need the GeForce RTX family cards and the fact that the technology will be used globally and not just for a very limited number of items.

How to make a map for Minecraft?

Hello, readers! Have you ever wondered how it is to create additional maps for the Minecraft game? To this and other questions will be answered by one of the active forum user, the cartographer, the person who has to his credit M. in the magnificent “Deep in the Dungeon” – MrKisiel.

C: I’m glad you agreed to the interview. Since when do you make maps?

M: The first attempts I made somewhere like this, in 2012, the first card that lasted longer than 15 minutes I made in 2014, as far as I remember.

C: Where did you get the idea to make the first map? Are you inspired by some other cause?

M: I then played a few cards, watched a lot on Youtube and finally discovered, Hey, why not try to do it yourself.”

C: how many cards have you roughly created in your career?

M: I can’t specify the exact number, because I just don’t remember. Public 4, such that later hid because I was devastated by their quality were 2, and before. I don’t know, in 2012-2013 I started making a lot of maps, and almost none ever ended. The ones I finished were gone forever, along with the old computer on the handle where I made them. I can safely assume that from the very beginning, there were more than 15 of them.

C: That’s a big number: smile: what drives you when choosing maps to publish? How did you decide “Aha, this card is weak”?

A: I Never hesitated to publish a card that maximum that cleaned it up after a while. When a person creates something new focuses more on how better from the previous one than on the objective quality, so when I finish the map and want to publish it, I think it’s good. This opinion usually changes over time.

C: in this case, how do you feel about criticism? Are you worried about her?

M: Any time I hear how he perceives, it depends on what it is. Yes, indeed, I have not received, but the real” criticism. The last thing I missed was a comment under Deep in Dungeon where someone listed some bugs I missed (I once fixed them, word). Most criticism, which receives, as a rule, the replacement or repair of things that could be done differently, and the face krytykującej , better”. Reminded me of an interesting story, when the man that nick will not give up, she tried to say that the use of sheep as a label will be lagowało. It is not that they are removed as soon as they cease to be necessary, but you must remake the whole mechanism as I say, because Yes. Such people usually just leave.

C: what do you think is the most difficult part of creating a map?

A: This is the moment when it turns out that something cannot be done the way it was originally intended, and it is necessary to combine or completely change the concept.

C: All Right. Well, one of the last questions. Are you currently working on some new map?

M: In my spare time starches a map of the MOB, and I am gathering ideas for a sequel to Deep in the Dungeon.

C: sounds interesting: smile: well and the last that in any interview can’t be absent. Enter the formulas of reduced multiplication. Do you have any tips for beginner cardmakers?

M: Find the button-it’s not the map, the tunnels dark as the colon with a jumpscare at every turn, it’s not a horror quiz on the block or (Oh the horror) Polish YouTubers it’s not a puzzle and attempts to copy something don’t add anything from yourself to improve the formula, it’s laziness.

C: Thank you for your advice and time. The interview will be published soon

The 10 most important updates in Minecraft

There’s not much time left until 1.13, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story on this occasion. Here are ten major versions in Minecraft history. The list is quite subjective, so you can disagree with some of my decisions. The list is not a rating, the versions I gave in chronological order.

1. A Classic 0.0.16

This version has only one news, for it is probably the most important in history. The game then added multiplayer; it was for Minecraft a real breakthrough and revolution – now we have the opportunity to spend time with friends when creating their own facilities. We currently have thousands (if not millions) of servers with a wide variety of game modes that Mojang probably never dreamed of.

2. Classical 0.24

This was the beginning of survival mode, which is referred to as Survival Test. After this version of Minecraft for a long time made a step towards the game, going in the direction of not only creative builders, but also daredevils who want to test themselves in a dangerous, but also the passionate game world.

3. Indev 0.31

The most important additional element here is, of course, the crafting system in survival test, had little to do with the surrounding blocks – thanks to this relatively simple mechanics, the game has changed, became much more developed, fascinating was that each of the extracted block and the subject could serve us to create something different, and often użyteczniejszego. We also got other important items like inventory, new world generator or chests.

4. Minecraft Infidel

It’s in this version of Minecraft got its famous endless world. The game was no longer limited to a fairly small square; we got a giant world full of compactness where a surprise lurked around every corner. This basically makes Minecraft never boring – there’s always something interesting to discover.

5. Alpha 1.2.0 Halloween Update

This update added Nether and biomes to the game. Because of this, the world has become much more diverse in Overworldzie hadn’t seen grass and trees, but we could stumble across the desert, the ocean and many others. And if we’re tired of it, we’ve got a new hellish dimension that challenges even the most experienced players.

6. Beta 1.5

Weather in the form of rain and snow made the world of Minecraft more dynamic and realistic. Everyone remembers how relieved he felt, because it was morning and the monsters were going to disappear any minute, then suddenly it began to rain, and the monsters quietly went on. This version also adds achievements and statistics, these first allowed us to face various problems, and those second, to learn a few interesting things about how we play.

7. Beta 1.8 – Adventure Update

One of the biggest updates in history. Added a huge amount of new content, we got an updated mode Creative, strip hunger, sprint, news in combat, such as sword blocking, new world generator, new mobs and more.

8. 1.0-full version

I think it was the biggest update in the history of the game. Minecraft has finally been officially completed and received innovations such as Hardcore mode, a new dimension with the first game the boss (i.e. End with a reliable dragon), potions, spells, new biomes, strongholds Nether.

9. 1.4.2-Pretty Scary Update

Here the most important is one addition-the command block. Earlier in Minecraft, there is already a good card, with this version mapmakers got a lot of new possibilities. Today, the block of commands is the basis of any cards.

10. 1.9 – Combat Update

A huge update, which, as the name suggests, greatly changed the combat system. Removed the lock with the sword, replacing them with shields, which led to a complete revolution in battle. No longer working strategy, spam ” in the left mouse button. To a duel with a mob or, not to mention the player, you need to approach more tactfully. In addition, huge changes in the Range were created, new blocks, structures, a new type of potions were added, the boating system was changed and much more.

Of course, these are not all-important updates in the history of our favourite game. The article can’t be too long – let me know if you liked it and if you want the second part!!!

Why Minecraft is not on Steam? We know the answer!

Admittedly, many of you gave yourself when the question from the title. Why? After all, Steam is the most popular platform for the digital distribution of games in the world! This will help Minecraft get even more popular! Only the case on the part of the Mojang does not seem so bright.

What’s wrong?

Convenience for Mojang

Minecraft entrance to the platform from Valve, it would just be uncomfortable and will have a few restrictions. One of the services that developers have with their platform is the absence of a tax that imposes Steam. In short, the developer showing the game for, say, 50 rubles should be given 15 to wallet uncle, Gabe. Through this course of things, some creators raise the price of their product, which in the case of our game in the pads could end tragically. By the standards of power, it does not belong to cheap and, also, pages like g2a keys go in very reasonable price. Even scary to think about what would happen if instead of 100 rubles have to pay them to 120.

Intuitive buy

Another problem is the age of the players. As you know, Minecraft plays a lot of children, and how do these young players get a Minecraft Account? They get them from their parents under the tree or on their birthday. In this case, an adult who wants to please his, but cuter is included on the page and sees a colourful, friendly site with a large banner to be carried over a potential customer to a page where he can make a purchase. Everything is simple, transparent and colourful.

Now let’s think about what it would look like if Minecraft is on Steam. To bear out to the site click the banner to make a purchase .iii… from a beautiful coloured page, it moves to a dark granite strange page. The adult, however, does not pay attention to this and clicks the “add to cart” button, after which you will be prompted to log in to your account or create it. After creating an account, the client breathes a sigh of relief, adds the goods to the cart, go to the payment, pays after which the game is successfully tied to its library.

But how to play it now? The parent, after some time, searching the Internet, he learns that you need to download a program that will allow the purchased product to run. The whole situation begins to slowly irritate unrecognized in the games dad who wants to make a child a gift. After downloading the Steam installer, suddenly it turns out that to run the platform, you need to wait for the program update. The level of terror reached its Zenith and wishing to surprise your child, the parent turns into anty fan product and recommends buying games to your friends whose children also dream of countless adventures in a square world.

Contrary to popular belief, the above situation could take place more than once, and a few thousand of these people could affect the understatement of sales of the game.

Relations between companies

In the end, I left the icing on the cake. Microsoft’s approach to Valve. As we know, these two companies do not go hand in hand, which confirmed the fact that the remaster of the classic game RTS Age of Empires only hit the Windows store platform. This state of affairs, of course, will not change quickly, which eliminates the possibility of the release of Minecraft on Steam.

Do you want Minecraft to come on Steam? Or maybe you are common opponents of this option? Invite to debate on this subject in comments, and I with you already say goodbye, until next articles, bye!

50+ Minecraft Trivia – did you know about it?

Minecraft Trivia

Minecraft is an old game. But we think, that you didn’t know about these trivia below. Check your memory and mind!

  1. Hit the squid under water leads to its increase by about 1/3 – 1/2 of the block?
  2. Coal block can not be used as fuel to drive a car with a furnace?
  3. While in the car, you get almost nothing from the explosion of TNT ?
  4. The zombies we are some object will never disappear from our map even if we hide from it?
  5. Zombies on the difficulty level difficult can crack the wooden door?
  6. To version 1.0.0 lock reduced fall damage so that players could jump even with 42 meshes in height?
  7. Or those cakes that typically require the use of heat in minecraft don’t require the use of an oven?
  8. Throwing a mixture of weakness at a cave spider won’t poison us or hurt us?
  9. Ice under water not visible?
  10. He was illegally seized by the flames in the frame object, we can obtain the effect is very good fireplace?
  11. In creative play mode using a normal egg skeleton in the void, do you have an 80% chance that its dark variety will appear?
  12. Moby reacts to the Sun by showing in any type of helmet, able to survive the day?
  13. Latex vekin nose, unlike the nose of peasants moving?
  14. Fire arrow, actuates the explosive device?
  15. Pressing shift and a number from 1 to 9 and by moving the mouse cursor over the item of equipment, it will be placed in the quick select on the website the specified number ,which przytrzymaliśmy?
  16. Putting your soul in the sand before entering the tunnel that you get out of it, but it will not return?
  17. Having a red diamond unavailable in the normal game, can it be melted in the oven for diamonds?
  18. A creeper struck by lightning becomes twice as strong.
  19. A Golden sword deals as much damage as a wooden sword and is less durable.
  20. When Notch left Mojang, he was replaced by Jeb.
  21. When you kill notch in Minecraft, an Apple will fall out of Him.
  22. If the boiler will rain, after a while it will be filled with water.
  23. If you go with the onion mob, or a player who is far away from you, usłuszysz signal.
  24. Minecraft world (not counting the world-Ghost) is 60 000 000 blocks in width and length, as well as 265 units in height.
  25. Pumpkins are much rarer than diamonds.
  26. When you look at an ocelot with a pumpkin on its head, it doesn’t attack you.
  27. You’ll never find another island on the end but the dragon.
  28. If you name an anvil marker Breg or Dinnerbone and use it on some animal, that animal is turned upside down.
  29. If you name the marker Jeb_ in the anvil and use it on a sheep, it will start to change the color of the wool.
  30. The reptile deals less damage if it explodes in water.
  31. The iron Golem doesn’t attack creepers.
  32. In version 1.0.0 mobs gained artificial intelligence.
  33. The poison won’t kill you-you will have only 1 point of life(half heart).
  34. Through water is not visible, portals and Vice versa.
  35. If we put even a million blocks of glass, they are transparent.
  36. If a pig is struck by lightning, it will turn into a pigman.
  37. The fastest mode of transport is trailers.
  38. Creepers are afraid of cats.
  39. Halves don’t burn.
  40. The day lasts about 20 minutes.
  41. If you put a carpet on the fence, you can jump over it.
  42. Soon, a red dragon will appear in Minecraft.
  43. In older versions of Minecraft, it was possible to break the thigh using TNT.
  44. The fastest means of transportation in Minecraft is a boat.
  45. 1 grid in Noether is 8 in the normal world.
  46. In nature lava poured at 8 bars, and in a normal world-4.
  47. Snowmen are burning on the song in nature.
  48. When you squat, you keep reaching.
  49. Iron Golems can’t drown.
  50. When it rains, you can catch more fish than usual.
  51. If you shoot TNT, the arrow will bounce off it
  52. When there is ice under the sand of the soul, you walk on it more slowly.

And that’s it! Which trivia you didn’t know? Type it in comment section below!