50+ Minecraft Trivia – did you know about it?

Minecraft Trivia

Minecraft is an old game. But we think, that you didn’t know about these trivia below. Check your memory and mind!

  1. Hit the squid under water leads to its increase by about 1/3 – 1/2 of the block?
  2. Coal block can not be used as fuel to drive a car with a furnace?
  3. While in the car, you get almost nothing from the explosion of TNT ?
  4. The zombies we are some object will never disappear from our map even if we hide from it?
  5. Zombies on the difficulty level difficult can crack the wooden door?
  6. To version 1.0.0 lock reduced fall damage so that players could jump even with 42 meshes in height?
  7. Or those cakes that typically require the use of heat in minecraft don’t require the use of an oven?
  8. Throwing a mixture of weakness at a cave spider won’t poison us or hurt us?
  9. Ice under water not visible?
  10. He was illegally seized by the flames in the frame object, we can obtain the effect is very good fireplace?
  11. In creative play mode using a normal egg skeleton in the void, do you have an 80% chance that its dark variety will appear?
  12. Moby reacts to the Sun by showing in any type of helmet, able to survive the day?
  13. Latex vekin nose, unlike the nose of peasants moving?
  14. Fire arrow, actuates the explosive device?
  15. Pressing shift and a number from 1 to 9 and by moving the mouse cursor over the item of equipment, it will be placed in the quick select on the website the specified number ,which przytrzymaliśmy?
  16. Putting your soul in the sand before entering the tunnel that you get out of it, but it will not return?
  17. Having a red diamond unavailable in the normal game, can it be melted in the oven for diamonds?
  18. A creeper struck by lightning becomes twice as strong.
  19. A Golden sword deals as much damage as a wooden sword and is less durable.
  20. When Notch left Mojang, he was replaced by Jeb.
  21. When you kill notch in Minecraft, an Apple will fall out of Him.
  22. If the boiler will rain, after a while it will be filled with water.
  23. If you go with the onion mob, or a player who is far away from you, usłuszysz signal.
  24. Minecraft world (not counting the world-Ghost) is 60 000 000 blocks in width and length, as well as 265 units in height.
  25. Pumpkins are much rarer than diamonds.
  26. When you look at an ocelot with a pumpkin on its head, it doesn’t attack you.
  27. You’ll never find another island on the end but the dragon.
  28. If you name an anvil marker Breg or Dinnerbone and use it on some animal, that animal is turned upside down.
  29. If you name the marker Jeb_ in the anvil and use it on a sheep, it will start to change the color of the wool.
  30. The reptile deals less damage if it explodes in water.
  31. The iron Golem doesn’t attack creepers.
  32. In version 1.0.0 mobs gained artificial intelligence.
  33. The poison won’t kill you-you will have only 1 point of life(half heart).
  34. Through water is not visible, portals and Vice versa.
  35. If we put even a million blocks of glass, they are transparent.
  36. If a pig is struck by lightning, it will turn into a pigman.
  37. The fastest mode of transport is trailers.
  38. Creepers are afraid of cats.
  39. Halves don’t burn.
  40. The day lasts about 20 minutes.
  41. If you put a carpet on the fence, you can jump over it.
  42. Soon, a red dragon will appear in Minecraft.
  43. In older versions of Minecraft, it was possible to break the thigh using TNT.
  44. The fastest means of transportation in Minecraft is a boat.
  45. 1 grid in Noether is 8 in the normal world.
  46. In nature lava poured at 8 bars, and in a normal world-4.
  47. Snowmen are burning on the song in nature.
  48. When you squat, you keep reaching.
  49. Iron Golems can’t drown.
  50. When it rains, you can catch more fish than usual.
  51. If you shoot TNT, the arrow will bounce off it
  52. When there is ice under the sand of the soul, you walk on it more slowly.

And that’s it! Which trivia you didn’t know? Type it in comment section below!