The 10 most important updates in Minecraft

There’s not much time left until 1.13, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story on this occasion. Here are ten major versions in Minecraft history. The list is quite subjective, so you can disagree with some of my decisions. The list is not a rating, the versions I gave in chronological order.

1. A Classic 0.0.16

This version has only one news, for it is probably the most important in history. The game then added multiplayer; it was for Minecraft a real breakthrough and revolution – now we have the opportunity to spend time with friends when creating their own facilities. We currently have thousands (if not millions) of servers with a wide variety of game modes that Mojang probably never dreamed of.

2. Classical 0.24

This was the beginning of survival mode, which is referred to as Survival Test. After this version of Minecraft for a long time made a step towards the game, going in the direction of not only creative builders, but also daredevils who want to test themselves in a dangerous, but also the passionate game world.

3. Indev 0.31

The most important additional element here is, of course, the crafting system in survival test, had little to do with the surrounding blocks – thanks to this relatively simple mechanics, the game has changed, became much more developed, fascinating was that each of the extracted block and the subject could serve us to create something different, and often użyteczniejszego. We also got other important items like inventory, new world generator or chests.

4. Minecraft Infidel

It’s in this version of Minecraft got its famous endless world. The game was no longer limited to a fairly small square; we got a giant world full of compactness where a surprise lurked around every corner. This basically makes Minecraft never boring – there’s always something interesting to discover.

5. Alpha 1.2.0 Halloween Update

This update added Nether and biomes to the game. Because of this, the world has become much more diverse in Overworldzie hadn’t seen grass and trees, but we could stumble across the desert, the ocean and many others. And if we’re tired of it, we’ve got a new hellish dimension that challenges even the most experienced players.

6. Beta 1.5

Weather in the form of rain and snow made the world of Minecraft more dynamic and realistic. Everyone remembers how relieved he felt, because it was morning and the monsters were going to disappear any minute, then suddenly it began to rain, and the monsters quietly went on. This version also adds achievements and statistics, these first allowed us to face various problems, and those second, to learn a few interesting things about how we play.

7. Beta 1.8 – Adventure Update

One of the biggest updates in history. Added a huge amount of new content, we got an updated mode Creative, strip hunger, sprint, news in combat, such as sword blocking, new world generator, new mobs and more.

8. 1.0-full version

I think it was the biggest update in the history of the game. Minecraft has finally been officially completed and received innovations such as Hardcore mode, a new dimension with the first game the boss (i.e. End with a reliable dragon), potions, spells, new biomes, strongholds Nether.

9. 1.4.2-Pretty Scary Update

Here the most important is one addition-the command block. Earlier in Minecraft, there is already a good card, with this version mapmakers got a lot of new possibilities. Today, the block of commands is the basis of any cards.

10. 1.9 – Combat Update

A huge update, which, as the name suggests, greatly changed the combat system. Removed the lock with the sword, replacing them with shields, which led to a complete revolution in battle. No longer working strategy, spam ” in the left mouse button. To a duel with a mob or, not to mention the player, you need to approach more tactfully. In addition, huge changes in the Range were created, new blocks, structures, a new type of potions were added, the boating system was changed and much more.

Of course, these are not all-important updates in the history of our favourite game. The article can’t be too long – let me know if you liked it and if you want the second part!!!